Indulge Beauty Salon

Covid-19 Guidelines

We want to reassure our clients that we are doing everything in our power to ensure a safe environment within the salon. We are taking our safety measures extremely seriously to ensure your safety as well as ours.

Before entering the salon:

• We do not have a waiting area currently so we kindly ask that you arrive on time for your appointment and ring the doorbell before entering. One of our therapists will greet you.

• We will then ask you to put on your face covering if you haven't already done so. This is now compulsory and must be worn at all times when in the building (unless you are having a treatment involving the face in which case it must only be removed for the treatment itself)

• We will then test your temperature with a forehead temperature scanner and ask you to sanitise your hands before taking your through to the treatment room.

During Your treatment:

We have made a few noticeable changes that you will notice in the treatment rooms, these are as follows:

• All bedding has been removed from the treatment couches, this is to allow us to easily disinfect the couch after each client.

• We are using disposable towels as much as possible. We are also conscious of the environment so the towels we are using are environmentally friendly and bio-degrade within 8 weeks.

• All towels used that aren't disposable are washed after every client.

• We have removed as many items as possible from the rooms for ease of cleaning and disinfecting after each client.

• We are implementing a one-off charge of £3 for hand and foot treatments. The government guidelines state that all nail files are to be one use only or disposable. Again, being conscious of the environment we worked out that in our first week of re-opening, over 100 nail files would have gone to landfill therefore this charge covers the purchase of a nail file and buffer required for your treatment which we will sanitise and store in a sealable bag for future hand and foot treatments you may receive.

• We are booking out extra time before and after your appointments to ensure the salon is thoroughly cleaned and all touch points are disinfected.

After your appointment:

• We will ensure social distancing whilst in the reception area, if there are other clients in the reception area, we will ask you to wait in the treatment room to ensure a safe distance from others.

• Please use contactless payment where possible. We are still accepting cash. Please be aware that we only accept debit cards and minimum payment on card is still £15.00.

• Hand sanitiser is available to use as you leave the salon.

Toilet Facilities

• Our toilet facilities are cleaned after each client.

• Disposable paper towels are now available rather than a towel.

Gift Voucher Policy - Amended

We are aware that we have a lot of vouchers that were unredeemed due to having to close our doors because of Covid-19. We wanted to re-assure you that these vouchers are still valid and we have amended our Gift Voucher Policy as follows::

• All vouchers that were puchased between November 2020-April 2021 will now be vaild until 31st October 2021

• We would appreciate it if you could get in contact with anyone who you bought vouchers for who we do not know of to inform them of the changes to our gift voucher policy. If you, or the voucher holder has any questions about their voucher then do not hesitate to get in contact.